Galleria CI

Introduding Galleria Supermarket CI

01. Symbol & Concept

The CI system has been developed to form a corporate image by effectively combining the basic symbol and logotype. This section is a very important element that represents the corporate image as the CI of GNK. It should be used accurately according to the regulations of each item shown in the manual and thorough management of it is required. However, if it is not possible to use it in accordance with the regulations, or if it is used particularly heavily, it must be used correctly under the grid scale shown in this section.

02. Colour System

Dedicated color is a fundamental element that plays an important role in corporate image formation. This impacts the human sense of sight directly so you can achieve strong and fast image enhancement with word mark and logo type. GNK's exclusive colors are GNK Blue, GNK Green, and GNK Red. We have used GNK Blue, which has the idea of pursuing customer satisfaction with prompt and accurate service, and freshness as GNK Green. GNK Red also avoids blurring of colors depending on the surrounding color and harmonizes with each other so that GNK images can be accurately transmitted. Use special color for spot color If you cannot print on principle or spot color, that is, for print media or advertisement based on 4 primary color process printing, use this ratio according to the mixing ratio of this item.

GNK Blue

C 100 M 88 Y 27 K 19
R 0 G 44 B 155
Outdoor Sign / Film
Royal Blue #683
PR800 Translucent Films

GNK Green

C 67 M 12 Y 100 K 1
R 96 G 166 B 10
Outdoor Sign / Film
Royal Green #762
UC900 Translucent Films


C 0 M 100 Y 100 K 0
R 255 G 0 B 0
Outdoor Sign / Film
Avery Translucent Vinyl
Red #440
PR800 Translucent Films

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