October 16, 2020

1.0 Purpose

Galleria Supermarket and Galleria Express (“Galleria”) are committed to providing accessibility for a safe, convenient, and dignified shopping experience and accessible environments for persons with disabilities.

2.0 Commitment

Galleria is committed to removing and preventing barriers to accessibility for persons with disabilities.
We comply with regulatory requirements including human rights to ensure that:

  • goods, services and employment are equally provided to persons with disabilities to respect their dignity
  • access, information and communication are equally provided in accessible formats such as electronic and printed materials.
  • Galleria has built its multi-year accessibility plan to remove and prevent barriers to accessibility for persons with disabilities (Appendix “A”)
3.0 Information and Communication

Galleria receives feedback through its website (, customer service centre and live-chat service to properly address feedback and communicate. A manner of communication may vary depends on the preferred way of communication requested from persons with disabilities.

4.0 Service Animals

Service animals are permitted to enter Galleria Supermarket stores as companions with persons with disabilities. In certain cases, it may not be easy to identify an animal entering the store as a service animal. In such cases, for health and safety purposes, a Galleria Supermarket associate shall ask the customer to confirm that the animal is a service animal. If the Galleria Supermarket associate questions the validity of a document provided by the customer, the customer should be granted temporary access and a copy of the document should be made so that the authenticity of it can be immediately determined by calling the telephone number on the document. If the document’s authenticity cannot be verified, the customer should be informed and asked to remove the animal from the store.

5.0 Galleria Premises

Galleria designed and procured self-checkout kiosks for persons with disabilities. Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are not obstructed at any times to comply with provincial legislation.

6.0 Training

Galleria trains its employees based on Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act to comply with the requirements. The employees behave on Galleria’ behalf and respect persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to ask Galleria employees for assistance with any needs during their shopping at Galleria. If Galleria employee is unsure how best to provide assistance, then the Galleria associate should ask management for proper and prompt assistance.

7.0 Availability of Policy

This policy will be provided in alternate formats upon request.

Multi-year Accessibility Plan

October 16, 2020


Galleria Supermarket and Galleria Express (“Galleria”) are committed to providing accessibility for a safe, convenient, and dignified shopping experience and accessible environments for persons with disabilities. By developing this plan, Galleria will be more committed to providing accessibility to persons with disabilities. This is an Appendix A to our Accessibility Policy and we are continually updating this plan at least every five years.

Customer service

Customer service for persons with disabilities is provided in that:

  • Persons with disabilities are permitted to use their own assistive devices/equipment.
  • Persons accompanied by a service animal are permitted to entre store.
  • Galleria allows persons with disabilities to put or store their groceries at our customer service centre to check out.
  • Galleria employees assist persons with disabilities to carry their shopping bags to their vehicle.
  • Customer service employees are regularly trained on Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act to remind of requirements and legislation.
Emergency procedures and response information
  • Galleria employees are aware of emergency procedures and hotline to address emergency in a prompt manner.
  • Persons in Galleria’s premises are provided with proper assistance.
Information and communication

Galleria’s new website has been published in October, 2020. The following accessible formats are available from the website to communicate:

  • Receiving and responding feedback
  • Live-chat service
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Store information (Including contact)
  • All candidates are provided with an equal opportunity for employment.
  • All necessary documents are properly interpreted and conveyed to persons.
  • All employees returning to work from their leaves are protected.
  • Appropriate supports and assistance will be provided to adapt to work.
  • Regular trainings on accessibility are taken into a place.