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Fish meat (Threadfin Bream) Water Modified tapioca starch. Soybean curd. Soybean oil. Sugars (sugar glucose). Carrot. Green bean. Edamame (Green soybean). Egg white (liquid). Com. Burdock roots. Salt Squid. Soy protein, Monosodium glutamate. Sweet favouring (glucose syrup, water, lactic acid, acetic acid, yeast extract, caramel colour) Calcium carbonate. Egg white (powder), Sorbitol Wheat fiber. Guar gum, Gum Arabic Trisodium citrate. Wheat gluten Edible vegetable ol (rape seed White pepper. Yam powder Oden soup Water Sugars (glucose syrup, sugar, fructose, maltodextrin). Soy sauce soybeans, wheat, salt water) Salto Monosodium glutamate. Arutical flavounnge Kelp extrad Disodium 5- ribonucleotides. Modified tapioca starch. Xanthan gum. Contains: Fish (Threadfin Bream), Squid, Soy, Egg Wheat / May contain Shrimp and Crab

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